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17 June 2019

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Sardegna Film Commission Foundation

Sardegna Film Commission Foundation

address:Via Malta 63
IT-09124 Cagliari
tel:+39 070 2041961

In the heart of the Mediterranean sea, Sardinia remains an undiscovered treasure of nature. In less than two hours from most European cities with three international airports, you can reach the best location for flming: incredible  nature, sunshine and magic in a rich wild landscape. The famous seductive beaches and stunning archipelagos embrace the soaring granite peaks, wind-shaped mesas and unique ecosystems compete with the futuristic SciFi landscapes of the Mine-Areas and its monumental white-sand desert dunes. Sardinia is also the land of sustainability: a combination of hi-tech renewable energies centers and fabulous wines, a rich cultural heritage of ancient nuragic towers, Carthaginian and Roman ruins, Baroque churches and wild horses, all magically experienced by the local communities with religious rituals and world-famous cuisine in every small town. 
The Sardegna Film Commission Foundation is your connection with local talent, investors and all the best that our island can offer at any stage of your project: the ideal gateway to the island for your audiovisual project. Regional Funds and incentives are part of the deal, combined with many in-kind services (including location scouting, creative producing assistance, exclusive access to public buildings and lands, all tailored to your project). Additional incentives are offered to productions that apply our Green Set Protocols.
Since 2014, Sardegna Film Commission Foundation is encouraging green production practices on the island, pushing for an audiovisual industry that commits to be sustainable from an environmental, social and economic perspective.  filmmakers and production companies are introduced to simple and practical solutions to limit their carbon footprint on set while reducing their budgets.

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