David di Donatello

66th Edition

David di Donatello

where:Roma (Italy)
when:April 2021
address:Via di Villa Patrizi, 8
IT-00181 Roma
tel:+39 06 4402766
fax:+39 06 8411746
deadline:November 30th, 2020 (shorts and documentaries)
February 28th, 2021 (theatrical release for feature films)
entry form:Online Submission

The DAVID DI DONATELLO PRIZES were first awarded in Rome in the spring of spring of 1955. Instituted by a cultural club then called The Open Gate, the aim was to honour the best of each year’s Italian and foreign motion picture production, following the example of the Oscars.
Similar prizes had already existed in Italy for some ten years - the “Nastri d’argento” or Silver Ribbons - but these were assigned by film critics and journalists.
From the very first, however, the Davids were awarded by the people in the industry, the film-makers themselves: screenwriters, performers, technicians, producers.
Then as now, they were flanked by qualified members of society, especially from the liberal professions, althoughtover the years tyhese became progressively fewer as the jury panels began to number former David winners, chiefly movie personalities, which is exactly what happened with the Oscars.
The Organization, now named the David di Donatello Organization, is proted by Italy’s two major show-business institutions: Agis (Italian General Show-Business Association) and Anica (Italian National Cinema and Audiovisual Association).
It continues to operate in concert with and thanks to the contribution of the Ministry of the Performing Arts and the Ministry for Cultural Properties and Activities.
The Prizes take into consideration all the categories of the Italian cinema, besided one reserved for the best international film and one for European films.

  • 5 is the Perfect Number by Igor Tuveri aka Igort: Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Valeria Golino)

  • Bangla by Phaim Bhuiyan: Best Debut Director

  • The Goddess of Fortune by Ferzan Ozpetek: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Jasmine Trinca), Best Original Score

  • The Magic Flute at Piazza Vittorio by Mario Tronco, Gianfranco Cabiddu: Best Music

  • Martin Eden by Pietro Marcello: Best Adapted Screenplay

  • My brother chases dinosaurs by Stefano Cipani: Youngs' David

  • Once Upon a Time... in Bethlehem by Salvatore Ficarra, Valentino Picone: David of the Audience

  • Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone: Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Make-Up (Dalia Colli, Mark Coulier), Best Hairdresser (Francesco Pegoretti), Best Visual Effects (heo Demiris, Rodolfo Migliari)

  • Romulus & Remus - The First King by Matteo Rovere: Best Producer, Best Cinematographer, Best Sound (Angelo Bonanni, Davide D'Onofrio, Mirko Perri, Mauro Eusepi, Michele Mazzucco)

  • Selfie by Agostino Ferrente: Best Documentary

  • Timo’s Winter by Giulio Mastromauro: Best Short

  • The Traitor by Marco Bellocchio: Best Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor in a Leading Role (Pierfrancesco Favino), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Luigi Lo Cascio), Best Editor

  • Call Me By Your Name by Luca Guadagnino: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score

  • Capri-Revolution by Mario Martone: Best Music, Best Costume Design

  • Dogman by Matteo Garrone: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Edoardo Pesce), Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematographer, Best Art Direction, Best Editor, Best Make-Up (Dalia Colli, Lorenzo Tamburini), Best Sound (Maricetta Lombardo, Alessandro Molaioli, Davide Favargiotti, Mauro Eusepi, Mirko Perri, Michele Mazzucco)

  • Frontiera by Alessandro Di Gregorio: Best Short

  • Invisible Boy – Second Generation by Gabriele Salvatores: Best Visual Effects (Victor Perez)

  • Loro by Paolo Sorrentino: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Elena Sofia Ricci), Best Hairdresser (Aldo Signoretti)

  • On My Skin by Alessio Cremonini: Best Debut Director, Best Producer, Best Actor in a Leading Role (Alessandro Borghi), Youngs' David, David of the Audience

  • Santiago, Italia by Nanni Moretti: Best Documentary

  • There Is No Place Like Home by Gabriele Muccino: David of the Audience

  • the Vice of Hope by Edoardo De Angelis: Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Marina Confalone)

  • Bismillah by Alessandro Grande: Best Short

  • Bloody Richard by Roberta Torre: Best Costume Design

  • A Ciambra by Jonas Carpignano: Best Director, Best Editor

  • Cinderella the Cat by Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, Dario Sansone: Best Producer, Best Visual Effects (Mad Entertainment)

  • Fortunata by Sergio Castellitto: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Jasmine Trinca)

  • Friends by chance by Francesco Bruni: Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Giuliano Montaldo), Youngs' David

  • The Girl in the Fog by Donato Carrisi: Best Debut Director

  • Holding Hands by Gianni Amelio: Best Actor in a Leading Role (Renato Carpentieri)

  • Love and Bullets by Marco Manetti, Antonio Manetti: Best Film, Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Claudia Gerini), Best Costume Design, Best Music, Best Original Score

  • Marco Ferreri: Dangerous but necessary by Anselma Dell'Olio: Best Documentary

  • Naples In Veils by Ferzan Ozpetek: Best Cinematographer, Best Art Direction

  • Nico, 1988 by Susanna Nicchiarelli: Best Original Screenplay, Best Make-Up (Marco Altieri), Best Hairdresser (Daniela Altieri), Best Sound (Adriano Di Lorenzo, Alberto Padoan, Marc Bastien, Eric Grattepain, Franco Piscopo)

  • Sicilian Ghost Story by Antonio Piazza, Fabio Grassadonia: Best Adapted Screenplay

  • A casa mia by Mario Piredda: Best Short

  • At War for Love by Pierfrancesco Diliberto aka Pif: Youngs' David

  • Crazy for football by Volfango De Biasi: Best Documentary

  • Fiore by Claudio Giovannesi: Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Valerio Mastandrea)

  • Indivisible by Edoardo De Angelis: Best Producer, Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Antonia Truppo), Best Original Screenplay, Best Costume Design, Best Music, Best Original Score

  • Italian Race by Matteo Rovere: Best Actor in a Leading Role (Stefano Accorsi), Best Cinematographer, Best Make-Up (Luca Mazzoccoli), Best Sound (Angelo Bonanni, Diego De Santis, Mirko Perri, Michele Mazzucco), Best Editor, Best Visual Effects (Artea Film & Rain Rebel Alliance International Network)

  • Like Crazy by Paolo Virzì: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress in a Leading Role (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi), Best Hairdresser (Daniela Tartari), Best Art Direction

  • The Stuff of Dreams by Gianfranco Cabiddu: Best Adapted Screenplay

  • Worldly Girl by Marco Danieli: Best Debut Director

  • Bellissima by Alessandro Capitani: Best Short

  • Correspondence by Giuseppe Tornatore: Youngs' David

  • Don't be Bad by Claudio Caligari: Best Sound (Angelo Bonanni)

  • Perfect Strangers by Paolo Genovese: Best Film, Best Screenplay

  • S is for Stanley by Alex Infascelli: Best Documentary

  • Tale of Tales by Matteo Garrone: Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Make-Up (Gino Tamagnini), Best Hairdresser (Francesco Pegoretti), Best Visual Effects (Makinarium)

  • They call me Jeeg by Gabriele Mainetti: Best Debut Director, Best Producer, Best Actress in a Leading Role (Ilenia Pastorelli), Best Actor in a Leading Role (Claudio Santamaria), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Antonia Truppo), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Luca Marinelli), Best Editor

  • Youth by Paolo Sorrentino: Best Music, Best Original Score

  • Belluscone, una storia siciliana by Franco Maresco: Best Documentary

  • Black Souls by Francesco Munzi: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Producer, Best Music, Best Original Score, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Sound (Stefano Campus)

  • God Willing by Edoardo Falcone: Best Debut Director

  • Invisible Boy by Gabriele Salvatores: Best Visual Effects

  • The Legendary Giulia and Other Miracles by Edoardo Leo: Best Actor in a Supporting Role(Carlo Buccirosso), Youngs' David

  • Leopardi by Mario Martone: Best Actor in a Leading Role (Elio Germano), Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Make-Up (Maurizio Silvi), Best Hairdresser (Aldo signoretti, Alberta Giuliani)

  • Mia madre by Nanni Moretti: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Margherita Buy), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Giulia Lazzarini)

  • Thriller by Giuseppe Marco Albano: Best Short

  • The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino: Best Director, Best Producer, Best Actor in a Leading Role (Toni Servillo), Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Make-Up (Maurizio Silvi), Best Hairdressing (Aldo Signoretti), Best Visual Effects (Rodolfo Migliari, Luca Della Grotta)

  • Human Capital by Paolo Virzì: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actress in a Leading Role (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Valeria Golino), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Fabrizio Gifuni), Best Editing, Best Sound (Roberto Mozzarelli)

  • The Mafia kills only in Summer by Pierfrancesco Diliberto aka Pif: Best Debut Director, Youngs' David

  • Song 'e Napule by Marco Manetti, Antonio Manetti: Best Music, Best Original Score

  • Stop the Pounding Heart by Roberto Minervini: Best Documentary

  • Anija - The Boat by Roland Sejko: Best Documentary

  • Balancing Act by Ivano De Matteo: Best Leading Actor (Valerio Mastandrea)

  • The Best Offer by Giuseppe Tornatore: Best Film, Best Director, Youngs' David, Best Art Director, Best Costume Designer, Best Musician

  • Diaz - Don't clean up this Blood by Daniele Vicari: Best Producer, Best Editing, Best Sound (Remo Ugolinell, Alessandro Palmerini), Best Visual Effects (Storyteller-Mario Zanot)

  • Dormant Beauty by Marco Bellocchio: Best non-leading Actress (Maya Sansa)

  • L'Esecuzione by Enrico Iannaccone: Best Short Film

  • Every Blessed Day by Paolo Virzì: Best Original Song

  • A Five Star Life by Maria Sole Tognazzi: Best Leading Actress (Margherita Buy)

  • The Interval by Leonardo Di Costanzo: Best Debut Director

  • Long Live Freedom by Roberto Andò: Best non-leading Actor (Valerio Mastandrea), Best Screenplay

  • Reality by Matteo Garrone: Best Cinematography, Best Make-Up (Dalia Colli), Best Hairdressing (Daniela Tartari)

  • ABOUT KILLING THE PIG by Simone Massi: Best Short Film

  • Caesar Must Die by Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani: Best Film, Best Direction, Best Producer (Grazia Volpi), Best Editor, Best Sound (Benito Alchimede, Brando Mosca)

  • Easy by Francesco Bruni: Best Debut Director, Youngs' David

  • Habemus Papam by Nanni Moretti: Best Leading Actor (Michel Piccoli), Best Art Director, Best Costume Designer

  • Piazza Fontana: the Italian Conspiracy by Marco Tullio Giordana: Best non-leading Actress (Michela Cescon), Best non-leading Actor (Pierfrancesco Favino), Best Visual Effects

  • Shun Li and the Poet by Andrea Segre: Best Leading Actress (Zhao Tao)

  • Tahrir – Liberation Square by Stefano Savona: Best Documentary

  • This must be the place by Paolo Sorrentino: Best Screenplay, Best Cinematographer, Best Musician (David Byrne), Best Original Song, Best Make-Up (Luisa Abel), Best Hairdressing (Kim Santantonio)

  • 20 Cigarettes by Aureliano Amadei: Best Producers (Tilde Corsi, Gianni Romoli, Claudio Bonivento), Best Editor (Alessio Doglione), Best Special Effects (Rebel Alliance), Youngs' David

  • Basilicata coast to coast by Rocco Papaleo: Best Debut Director, Best Supporting Actress (Valentina Lodovini), Best Musician (Rita Marcotulli), Best Original Song (Gimmi Cantucci e Max Gazzé)

  • È stato morto un ragazzo by Filippo Vendemmiati: Best Documentary

  • Escort in Love by Massimiliano Bruno: Best Leading Actress (Paola Cortellesi)

  • Merry-go-round Jody by Adriano Sforzi: Best Short

  • La nostra vita by Daniele Luchetti: Best Director, Best Leading Actor (Elio Germano), Best Sound Recordist (Bruno Pupparo)

  • The Passion by Carlo Mazzacurati: Best Non Leading Actor (Giuseppe Battiston)

  • We believed by Mario Martone: Best Film, Best Screenplay (Mario Martone, Giancarlo De cataldo), Best Cinematographer (Renato Berta), Best Art Director (Emita Frigato), Best Costume Designer (Ursula Patzak), Best Make Up Artist (Vittorio Sodano), Best Hairdresser (Aldo Signoretti)

  • Baarìa by Giuseppe Tornatore: Best Music (Ennio Morricone)

  • the First Beautiful Thing by Paolo Virzì: Best Screenplay (Paolo Virzì, Francesco Piccolo, Francesco Bruni), Best Actor (Valerio Mastandrea), Best Actress (Micaela Ramazzotti)

  • Kiss me again by Gabriele Muccino: Best Original Song (by Jovanotti)

  • Loose Cannons by Ferzan Ozpetek: Best Supporting Actress (Ilaria Occhini), Best Supporting Actor (Ennio Fantastichini)

  • THE MAN WHO WILL COME by Giorgio Diritti: Best Movie, Producer (Simone Bachini, Giorgio Diritti), Best Sound (Carlo Missidenti)

  • The Mouth of the Wolf by Pietro Marcello: Best Documentary

  • The Other Half by Pippo Mezzapesa: Best Short Film

  • Passing Time by Laura Bispuri: Best Short Film

  • Ten winters by Valerio Mieli: Best Debut Director

  • Vincere by Marco Bellocchio: Best Director, Cinematography (Daniele Ciprì), Editing (Francesca Calvelli), Art Direction (Marco Dentici), Costumes (Sergio Ballo), Make-up (Franco Corridoni), Hairdos (Alberta Giuliani), Special Effects (Paola Trisoglio, Stefano Marinoni - Visualogie)

  • The Demons of St.Petersburg by Giuliano Montaldo: Best Art Direction (Francesco Frigeri); Best Costume Design (Elisabetta Montaldo)

  • Il divo by Paolo Sorrentino: Best Cinematography (Luca Bigazzi); Best Actor (Toni Servillo); Best Supporting Role Actress (Piera Degli Esposti); Best Music (Teho Teardo); Best Hair (Aldo Signorotti); Best Makeup (Vittorio Sodano); Best Visual Effects

  • Don't Think About It by Gianni Zanasi: Best Supporting Role Actor (Giuseppe Battiston)

  • GIOVANNA’S FATHER by Pupi Avati: Best Actress (Alba Rohrwacher)

  • Gomorrah by Matteo Garrone: Best Film; Best Director; Best Screenplpay; Best Editor (Marco Spoletini); Best Producer (Domenico Procacci); Best Song "Herculaneum"; Best Sound (Maricetta Lombardo)

  • here won't be a war by Daniele Gaglianone: Best Documentary

  • Mid-August Lunch by Gianni di Gregorio: Best Debut Director

  • the Referee by Paolo Zucca: Best Short

  • We Can Do That by Giulio Manfredonia: Youngs' David

  • Days and Clouds by Silvio Soldini: Best Leading Actress (Margherita Buy), Best Supporting Actress (Alba Rohrwacher)

  • The Girl by the Lake by Andrea Molaioli: Best Film, Best Director, Best Debut Director, Best Screenplay (Sandro Petraglia), Best Producers (Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano), Best Leading Actor (Tony Servillo), Best Cinematographer (Ramiro Civita), Best Editor (Giogiò Franchini), Best Sound Recordist (Alessandro Zanon), Best Special Effects (Paola Trisoglio and Stefano Marinoni for Visualogie)

  • Mothers by Barbara Cupisti: Best Documentary

  • QUIET CHAOS by Antonello Grimaldi: Best Supporting Actor (Alessandro Gassman), Best Musician (Paolo Buonvino), Best Original Song (L'amore Trasparente by Ivano Fossati)

  • Scrambled by Alessandro Celli: Best Short

  • Tell Me About Love by Silvio Muccino: Youngs' David

  • The VICEROYS by Roberto Faenza: Best Art Director (Francesco Frigeri), Best Costume Designer (Milena Canonero), Best Make Up Artist (Gino Tamagnini), Best Hairdresser (Maria Teresa Corridoni)

  • Along the Ridge by Kim Rossi Stuart: Best First Time Director

  • THE GOLDEN DOOR by Emanuele Crialese: Best Art Director (Carlos Conti), Best Costume Design (Mariano Tufano), Best Visual Efeects (L’etude Et La Supervision Des Trucages - Francia)

  • Meridionali senza filtro by Michele Bia: Best Short

  • Il Mio Paese by Daniele Vicari: Best Documentary

  • My Brother is an Only Child by Daniele Luchetti: Best Screenplay (Daniele Luchetti, Sandro Petraglia, Stefano Rulli), Best Actor (Elio Germano),Best Editing (Mirco Garrone), Best Sound (Bruno Pupparo)

  • Night Bus by Davide Marengo: Best Original Song "La paranza" & " Mi persi" (Daniele Silvestri)

  • One Hundred Nails by Ermanno Olmi: Torino Piemonte Film Commission Award

  • Red like the sky by Cristiano Bortone: David of Young Jury's

  • Salty Air by Alessandro Angelini: Best Producer (Donatella Botti), Best Supporting Actor (Giorgio Colangeli)

  • Saturn in Opposition by Ferzan Ozpetek: Best Supporting Actress (ex aequo) (Ambra Angelini)

  • The Unknown by Giuseppe Tornatore: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress (Ksenia Rappoport), Best Cinematography (Fabio Zamarion), Best Music (Ennio Morricone)

  • The Caiman by Nanni Moretti: Best Feature FIlm, Best Director, Best Producer, Best Actor (Silvio Orlando), Best Music (Franco Piersanti), Best Natural Sound (Alessandro Zanon)

  • Crime Novel by Michele Placido: Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Pier Francesco Favino), Best Photography (Luca Bigazzi), Best Editing (Esmeralda Calabria), Best Art Director (Paola Comencini), costume design (Nicoletta Taranta), Best Visual Effects (Proxima), David Giovani Award

  • Don't tell by Cristina Comencini: Best Supporting Actress (Angela Finocchiaro)

  • The Goodbye Kiss by Michele Soavi: Best Original Song ("Arrivederci Amore, Ciao" by Caterina Caselli)

  • INCURABLE LOVE by Giovanni Corvini: Best Short

  • Mario's War by Antonio Capuano: Best Actress (Valeria Golino), Torino Piemonte Film Commission Award

  • The Night before finals by Fausto Brizzi: Best First Time Director

  • The Wise Cat Catches Mice by Francesco Conversano, Nene Grignaffini: Best Documentary

  • AFTER MIDNIGHT by Davide Ferrario: Best Visual Effect (Grande Mela)

  • Aria by Claudio Noce: Best Short (Ex Aequo)

  • The Consequences of Love by Paolo Sorrentino: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Tony Servillo), Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography

  • THE HOUSE KEYS by Gianni Amelio: Best Sound (Alessandro Zanon)

  • Manuale d'amore by Giovanni Veronesi: Best Supporting Actor (Carlo Verdone), Best Supporting Actress (Margherita Buy)

  • A PARTICULAR SILENCE by Stefano Rulli: Best Documentary

  • Private by Saverio Costanzo: Best Directorial Debut

  • THE REMAINS OF NOTHING by Antonietta de Lillo: Best Costum Design

  • Sacred Heart by Ferzan Ozpetek: Best Actress (Barbora Bobulova), Best Set Designer (Andrea Crisanti)

  • STOLEN CHILDHOOD by Andrea Frazzi, Antonio Frazzi: Best Producers (Rosario Rinaldo), Best Editing

  • WRESTLING MATCH by Stefano Viali: Best Short (Ex Aequo)

  • THE BEST OF YOUTH by Marco Tullio Giordana: Best Film, Best Director, Best Sctreenplay, Best Editing, Best Producer, Best Sound (Fulgenzio Ceccon).

  • Caterina in the Big City by Paolo Virzì: Best Supporting Actress (Margherita Buy)

  • DON'T MOVE by Sergio Castellitto: Best Leading Actor (Sergio Castellitto), Best Leading Actress (Penelope Cruz)

  • FIRST LOVE by Matteo Garrone: Best Score

  • GOOD MORNING, NIGHT by Marco Bellocchio: Best Supporting Actor (Roberto Herlitzka)

  • THE HUNDRED STEPS by Marco Tullio Giordana: Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Luigi Lo Cascio), Best Supporting Actor (Tony Sperandeo), Best Costume Design, David Scuola.

  • I'M NOT SCARED by Gabriele Salvatores: Best Cinematographer

  • SINGING BEHIND SCREENS by Ermanno Olmi: Best Costume Design, Best Art Direction, Best Visual Special Effects (Ubik Visual Effects-Boss Film)

  • THREE STEPS DANCING by Salvatore Mereu: Best Directoprial Debut

  • UNFAIR COMPETITION by Ettore Scola: Best Art Direction

  • WAR by Pippo Delbono: Best Documentary

  • Zinanà by Pippo Mezzapesa: Best Short

  • EL ALAMEIN by Enzo Monteleone: Best Director of Photography, Best Editor, Best Original Sound Recording (Andrea Giorgio Moser)

  • THE EMBALMER by Matteo Garrone: Best Supporting Actor (Ernesto Mahieux), Best Sceenplay

  • FACING WINDOW by Ferzan Ozpetek: Best Film, Best Actress (Giovanna Mezzogiorno), Best Actor (Massimo Girotto, Best Music, School Award.

  • GRAZIA'S ISLAND by Emanuele Crialese: Best Producer

  • A HEART ELSEWHERE by Pupi Avati: Best Director

  • MUD RED by Paolo Ameli: Best Short Film (Ex Aequo)

  • MY MOTHER'S SMILE by Marco Bellocchio: Best Supporting Actress (Piera Degli Esposti), Piedmont Turin Olimpica Award

  • PINOCCHIO by Roberto Benigni: Best Art Direction, Best Costumes

  • V-Max by Daniele Vicari: Best Directing Debut

  • CHILDREN by Marco Bechis: Best Supporting Actress (Stefania Sandrelli)

  • DONT SAY CAT by Giorgio Tirabassi: Best Short Film

  • EMPTY EYES by Andrea Porporati: Best Sound Recording (Remo Ugolinelli)

  • EUGENIO I LOVE YOU by Francisco José Fernandez: Best Actor (Giancarlo Giannini)

  • NEAPOLETAN SPELL by Luca Miniero, Paolo Genovese: Best Actress: Marina Confalone

  • THE PROFESSION OF ARMS by Ermanno Olmi: best film, best director, best screenplay, best costumes, best music, best cinematography, best set design, best producer, best editor.

  • Saint Maradona by Marco Ponti: Best first-time director, Best supporting actor (Libero De Rienzo)

  • VAJONT by Renzo Martinelli: David Scuola

  • Almost blue by Alex Infascelli: Best First-Film Director

  • THE LAST KISS by Gabriele Muccino: Best Director, Best Producer (Domenico Procacci), Best Supporting Actress (Stefania Sandrelli), Best Editing, Best Sound (Gaetano Carito)

  • MALÈNA by Giuseppe Tornatore: Best Cinematographer

  • THE SON'S ROOM by Nanni Moretti: Best Film, Best Actress (Laura Morante), Best Music.

  • BREAD AND TULIPS by Silvio Soldini: David di Donatello Awards: Best Actor (Bruno Ganz), Best Actress (Licia Maglietta), Best Cinematography (Ex aequo), Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Sound (Maurizio Argentieri), Best Supporting Actor (Giuseppe Battiston - Ex aequo), Best Supporting Actress (Marina Massironi).

  • GARAGE OLIMPO by Marco Bechis: Best Producer (Amedeo Pagani)

  • MAKING LOVE by Ricky Tognazzi: Best Cinematographer (Ex aequo), Best Art Direction, Best Music, Best Editing, David Scuola.

  • My Head's Spinning by Alessandro Piva: Best First-Time Film Director